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Introduce A New Dog To A New Home – 4 Useful Tips

Whether you adopt a lovely puppy or a calm adult pooches, it’s no easy feat to introduce a new dog to a new home and make them feel secure. That’s why you might need some preparation in advance to make sure everything runs on the right track. Here are some important things to remember.

Keep tabs on your pet during the way home

introduce a new dog to a new home

If you are traveling a long way to take your new little friend home, it’s important to be mindful and considerate of your dog’s reaction while he’s in a new car. For some pooches, cars could be a scary place as it is an enclosed space that constantly moves and has changed views from the window. 

Ideally, it’s a good practice to take your new dog on some short trips in advance. The preparation will get him familiar with your car. Besides, you should also set up the right equipment such as a travel crate, a fitted dog-guard, some cleaning items. These products are super helpful when there’s a sudden accident like your dog being aggressive during the way home. If the journey is long, make sure to get your pet some sorts of snacks and water. 

Keep the dog under control at first

Experts recommend that the dog’s owner should use a leash or some simple commands to keep the dog under control at first. So, to make sure the introduction runs smoothly, you’d better prepare a leash as soon as you take him out of the pet adoption center or his previous home.  That way, you will be able to regain control if things get a little wild.

Showing your dog around – Home sweet home

introduce a new dog to a new home

Once you get your new pup inside, remember to keep him on the leash and lead him from an area to another. One of the most important things when introducing new dogs to a new environment is that they won’t want to be crowded. You need to take your time, allow them to space, and get used to things slowly.

It’s a good idea to show a new dog the garden first, so let him sniff around a bit before going inside. Then, use a leash to keep him at your side and let him explore the house. You could spend a couple of minutes in each room. Remember to give your newbie permission and invitation to enter or exit. 

To make a better expression, you could consider having a pre-made sleeping area with a warm blanket and toys inside for them. Whether it is a small corner of the living room or even an entire large bedroom, it helps to express your love and care. But be sure that he only spends shortly around his nest as the introduction hasn’t finished yet.

Introduce a new dog to a new home: The first approach to children

The experience of bringing a new pet home and introduce him to your family members can be overwhelming at first, especially with children. Your kids might get overexcited and run towards the dog immediately. However, it’s vital for your new furry friend to make the first approach when he is ready. If your pet has existing physical or emotional problems, you must explain to your children. Then, give the dog some time until they are more comfortable.

Also, you need to teach your kids how gently touch and pet pets beforehand. Without your instruction, chances are your child can unintentionally hurt dogs. This situation can result in their bitey and aggressive behaviors. 

Never leave your kids and a new pet unattended. In fact, even the most well-behaved dogs could bite when they’re not familiar with our ways of showing love. To protect both the kid and the dog, it’s best to always be nearby and watch the two play together.

Introduce a new dog to a new home: Consider pet’s relationship

introduce a new dog to a new home

Normally, canines are social in their nature. However, lots of different factors can impact the way they interact with others. To avoid any pet’s argument at the front door, you can let them get to know each other slowly in an open-space environment. Parks or gardens are ideal-matched places to make them feel less threatened.  If the first meeting doesn’t go well, you have to separate them for a while then reintroduce them when everyone is calmed down. 

It might take a while for your dog to be in harmony with other dogs. So, be patient and remember to keep an eye on them. Be prepared for any disagreements that occur. Pooches will usually get settled in each other’s presence after the first couple of weeks.

Regarding cats, you should observe the two for several weeks. This is because felines have very different personalities compared to canines. There’s a “no” demand for any chasing between your dog and the cat. Why? Simply it could end up lengthening the time for them to become friends.

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