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how to introduce cats and dogs

How To Introduce Cats and Dogs – Guide For Pet Owners

Cats and dogs are like chalk and cheese. They show their affection in different ways and possess instinctive animal behaviors such different ways. So, how to introduce cats and dogs to help them live peacefully together? Read this guide to know some winning tips for the close bonds under the same roof.

Key factors to consider for new roommates

how to introduce cats and dogs

While many cats and dogs can have a strong relationship, not all can live happily together. Based on the differences in nature, here are some factors you can consider when deciding how to introduce cats and dogs:

  • Size

Large dogs could potentially pose a threat to much smaller cats. Any accident could be unintentionally or even caused by rough fights between the two. In addition, a large and strong dog can indirectly injure its feline resident due to his playful character. He might run around constantly, making household appliances fall off the table or chest. As a result, cats of smaller size might suffer from the consequences of the pooch’s action. 

  • History of Chasing

Pet owners also have to consider the history of chasing while proceeding cat and dog sharing space. A canine with a history of chasing feline or other small animals will likely try to do the same with a new cat in the home. Some dogs only chase their housemates outdoors but instead living peacefully with them indoors. However, it’s better to carefully prepare for a slower introduction. This will help your pets get together without triggering any conflict.

  • Fear/Running Away

A cat that is fearful of other animals or has a history of running from dogs might be a real challenge. The presence of a pooch might trigger the fear inside him, which hinders an effective cat-dog introduction. He will try to avoid any interaction and even run away from your introducing spot.  On the other hand, confident cats are quite comfortable with your existing pet. That’s why they’re less of a target for a dog’s chase instincts.

Tips on how to introduce cats and dogs

Safety first 

how to introduce cats and dogs

Safety for both animals should be a top priority when they first meet each other. Even a small cat can cause eye injuries to a large dog. In return, a dog can put a risk to his newbie resident by accident or on purpose. 

To eliminate these undesirable consequences, you need to supervise and separate them if problems rising. The two housemates-to-be should be firmly in their own areas so that the introduction can run smoothly without any hassle. 

At the same time, you also need to discuss how to prevent and deal with accidental meetings or any situation in advance. This will help you solve the problem more quickly and effectively. Also, you should use a leash to take control over any undesirable reactions of your dog. If the introduction success with flying colors and the two are fully comfortable, it’s time to take off the leash. 


how to introduce cats and dogs

To fix the root cause of any aggression or cat-dog fight, it’s a good idea to teach your dog some basic manners. Hence, he can know what is expected of him around the new pet. Some simple rules and commands such as “Come”, “Stay”, “Leave it”, or “go to the…” may come in handy in almost any circumstance. 

Most importantly, the training course should be relaxed without punishment. Otherwise, your pet will end up being aggressive and this only makes the situation worse. 

Making New Friends

To help the two become polite roommates and happy friends, it’s ideal to focus on doing good things and preventing negative reactions. 

Regarding the do, you could consider providing all good things when they’re together. Give them treats, petting, and cuddling fairly. Sometimes it’s good to have a quiet introduction. But remember to keep everything under control if the excitement gets too high. the more positive attitudes that they hold towards one another’s presence, the greater chance of a close-knit relationship. 

When it comes to negative interaction, there’re few things you should bear in mind. Firstly, do not tolerate or give your dog a chance to chase. Although they might seem to enjoy the time together, don’t leave them out of your sight. You never know what comes next, maybe a tough fight and even blood.

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