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What Are The Best Gifts For Animal Lovers? 15 Unique Gift Ideas

The holiday season is coming close, and having to choose the perfect gifts for everyone you know can be stressful. But if you’re already aware that a family member or friend of yours loves animals, then you should consider yourself lucky. There are so many gifts for animal lovers to choose from – surely you’d find a great present in no time.
You’re already at a good start knowing that the person receiving the gift loves animals. But finding the gift that they would truly enjoy will take a bit more of your research. Do they currently own a pet of their own? Or are they the type who loves to watch documentaries of animals in the wild? By answering these questions, you can acquire a gift that’s more thoughtful and personalized.
One thing for certain, whatever animal-related item you give to your friend, they’d surely appreciate it. Therefore, you don’t have to stress it too much when it comes to making the final decision.

Thus, we at NRV Animal Shelters have also compiled a list of recommendations for you to take inspiration from.

Best Gifts For Pet Lovers And Pet Owners

1. Pet plush

There’s no better feeling than having a soft, cute plush toy to cuddle with. This gift is even more meaningful if your friend adores pets but is currently unable to have one. You can choose from a variety of different dog/cat breeds, big or small. There are brands that are dedicated to making these plush look very close to the actual breed.
Everyone will love having a cute plush toy

2. Pet printed apparels

Show off the love for your pet with some cool, fashionable clothing! You can get the proud pet owners you know some funny pet T-shirts. Seeing quotes like “Once a cat mom always a cat mom” or “Tell your dog I said hi” on a T-shirt will surely make anyone giggle.

gifts for animal lovers
I love buying friends items with funny quotes about our pets

Alternatively, you can give them cute printed socks like these. They’re perfect for keeping your feet warm in cold weather while looking super amusing. Even your cat might be confused!

gifts for animal lovers

3. Customized gifts

If your friend owns a pet, why not surprise them by ordering customized products that are personalized according to the pet? There are so many options to choose from: you can request a portrait of the pet, printed pillow or even get a plushie made. Your friend will definitely treasure this unique and meaningful gift.
gifts for animal lovers
Custom products made according to personal pets are very meaningful

4. Pet essentials

Another great gift idea for the pet owners you know and love. If you think your friend might want some extra accessories for their pets, then no worries – you have such a wide selection to choose from. From various types of treats and toys, to a cute costume for the pet to dress up. There’s nothing that can’t make both the owner and the pet happy.
If the friend likes to bring their pet outdoors, a pet carrier or some sturdy, reliable leashes might be perfect.
You can also consider some interactive toys like Frisbee or balls to encourage the pet to exercise.

Pretty up the furry friends with some cute bandanas and colorful collars.

gifts for animal lovers

For the indoor items, choose from a huge range of pet beds and food/drinking bowls.

gifts for animal lovers

5. Pet shaped plant pots

Does your friend not only love animals but also enjoy having house plants as well? These ceramic planter pots are just the perfect gift!
gifts for animal lovers
Or if you want to get your friend started with gardening, some succulent pots will make any windowsill lively.

Best Gifts For Wild Animal Lovers

1. Paw shaped gloves

These paw gloves are practical yet adorable accessories for the winter season! They’ll keep your hand warm while ensuring the fun and cuteness. This is certainly a unique gift for any animal lover out there.

gifts for animal lovers

2. Wall decor

Get the friend who is obsessed with the wild with some animal prints or wall stickers. Not only do they liven up the house, they also bring awareness to saving animals.

gifts for animal lovers

3. Animal hats

Both kids and adult animal lovers will not be able to resist how cute these hats are. Some hats even have the ability to move their ears up and down, like these rabbit ear hat. They will bring the person who receives them so much fun.

gifts for animal lovers

4. Night light

These night lights will provide a comforting sleep while looking adorable! Depending on the animal your friend likes, you can definitely find the lamp that fits them personally.
gifts for animal lovers

5. Backpack and laptop cover

If you’re looking for something practical for your working friend, why not check out some backpacks and laptop cases with animal prints? Now office hours will no longer be boring.

gifts for animal lovers

6. Cozy slippers

Who wouldn’t love some cute, cozy indoor slippers? Your friend won’t be able to stop themselves from putting their feet into these soft and fluffy slippers right away.

gifts for animal lovers

7. Books about animals

One of the best gifts for any animal loving soul are some animal photo books, or books about animal life and behavior. You can take a look at this list of highly recommended books of this genre.

gifts for animal lovers

8. Cup and mug

Starting your day with some coffee in these adorable mugs. They are sure to bring you energy and enthusiasm for the long day ahead.

gifts for animal lovers

9. Jewelries

If your friend likes something more sophisticated and subtle, then jewelries are great choices. There are plenty of items that are equally elegant and cute – like silver earrings or rings.

gifts for animal lovers

10. Kitchen equipment

Spice up the kitchen with some animal printed cookware. From oven mittens, aprons to bowls and dishes, all will bring unique touches to your friend’s cooking space.

gifts for animal lovers

Thank you for reading the article! We hope that you are able to take inspo from our list of suggestions above.

We’d love to hear more about what products you would personally recommend as gifts for animal lovers. Tell us in the comments!

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