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11 Fascinating Facts About French Bulldogs

The popularity of French Bulldogs is at an all-time high. They’ve risen to become the most popular dogs globally. But there are many facts about French Bulldogs that almost all people cannot think of.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn more interesting and fun facts about French Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs Aren’t Originated from France

One of the unpopular facts about French Bulldogs is that, despite their name, French Bulldogs are not native to France. They are the offspring of English Bulldogs.

Bull-baiting was a historic use for English Bulldogs when they would battle a bull. When the sport was outlawed in 1835, dog breeders sought to create smaller dogs.

Lacemakers in England were fond of these little English Bulldogs. The tiny puppies would keep the lace makers warm by sitting on their laps as they worked.

Lace production became industrialized during the Industrial Revolution. Many lacemakers relocated to France, bringing with them these little English Bulldogs.

They mated terriers with the little English Bulldogs they brought to France. The popular French English Bulldog or French Bulldog were born as a result of this.

French Bulldogs Cannot Swim

Another fact about bulldog is that they are not born to swim. Due to their bullous bodies, with short legs, flat faces, and small noses, it is hard for French Bulldogs to stay afloat.

As a result, after knowing the french bulldog fact, pool owners must keep a close check on their dogs. Keep in mind that if you’re planning your vacation on the beach, your pet may feel left out.

Flying Is Trouble for French Bulldogs

Flying is extremely bad for French Bulldogs due to their facial features. Bulldogs will feel stressful, and inconvenient on the plane. Because of their small noses and flat face, their breathing ability will have some troubles.

Unfortunately, numerous Brachycephalic dogs have died while flying. As a result, several airlines have banned them from flying.

Some airlines, on the other hand, cater specifically to dogs. Dogs with special needs have their special flights, with people on board to care for those that become ill, nervous, or afraid. To learn more about what dogs are special needs, click here.

French Bulldogs Have 2 Styles Of Ears

French Bulldogs used to have rose-shaped ears, just like their bigger relative, the English bulldog. Another type of French Bulldog ears is bat-shaped ears. The form was chosen by English breeders, but the unusual bat ears were chosen by American breeders.

French Bulldogs Are Talkative 

You hardly hear French Bulldog barking. This is because they prefer to talk, though.

They interact with a sequence of yips and gargles. These funny Frenchies often communicate with their owners or other dogs through a vast diversity of noises.

It sometimes sounds like they speak their own language.

French Bulldogs Are The Ideal Partners

Friendly, affectionate, and caring are all you can think of French bulldogs. They are energetic, lively, and love to be with other dogs.

They don’t bark very often, and they don’t need significant training or care. They are also perfect companions to humans.

Frenchies Are Extremely Sensitive To Criticism

Remember they’re a delicate dog. They might take it quite seriously and get angry if someone scolds them. If you punish a French bulldog, it may take your reprimand seriously and mope around the home. Positive support and encouragement are more effective with French Bulldogs. This is one of the fun facts about French Bulldogs you should bear in mind if you intend to own one.

French Bulldogs Require Assistance To Reproduce

French Bulldogs have trouble reproducing and frequently require assistance. This is mostly due to their body shapes, which include thin hips and short snouts.

This makes it more difficult for the male to access the female and breed normally. Overheating and exhaustion are common things that happen to males. Artificial insemination is frequently employed instead.

Females with these features also have a hard time while giving birth. Many have a cesarean section to safeguard the mother’s and puppies’ wellbeing.

There Is A Strict Weight Limit For French Bulldogs.

Your French bulldog’s weight ranges from 18 to 28 pounds.  That means the biggest french bulldog could be 28 pounds, don’t let them exceed this limit. So, it is hopeless to try to search for what is the worlds biggest bulldog. This is listed as one of the rare facts about french Bulldogs.

If your Frenchies are overweight, they are at high risk for a variety of unhealthy conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. Respiratory and joint problems are also possible for these dogs if their weight is out of control.

On the other hand, A French Bulldog, which is underweight, might be suffering from gastrointestinal or Kidney problems.

Frenchies Are Great Babysitters

Children will like this dog breed. French Bulldogs are an excellent guardian for children. They’ll get along easily.

In addition to adoring kids, Frenchies are kind to them.

French Bulldogs Ranks #1 In The World

The Labrador retriever and German shepherd have traditionally dominated the news in terms of fame. The times, however, are changing.

The fact that a lot of prominent sportsmen and celebrities not only possess these French Bulldogs but also video themselves playing with their funny Frenchies, has contributed to their growing appeal.

The unique appearance and friendly nature of French Bulldogs make more and more people adore and adopt one of them. After reading this article about french bulldog facts, have you planned to raise one? Or you have already owned a Bulldog? 

Don’t hesitate to share your moments with funny Frenchies below in the comment box!

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